I'm Glad I'm Me, Weaving the Thread of Love from Generation to Generation, by Sheila Aron.
I'm Glad I'm Me.

Sheila at Haar Hasholom with group of kids with their threads.

Reader Enrichment Guide.Reader Enrichment Guide

Bring I’m Glad I’m Me, Weaving the Thread of Love From Generation to Generation alive with Sheila Aron’s free, downloadable Reader Enrichment Guide. Page by page, the I’m Glad I’m Me Guide reinforces the important message of this special book through a series of helpful discussion points, questions, and interactive activities.

The I’m Glad I’m Me Reader Enrichment Guide is designed for everyone - parents, caregivers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, educators, clergy, guidance counselors, family therapists and others – who loves a child.

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Every child has a right to unconditional love. Dignity and respect for self and others, can be fully recognized when children are aware that they are unconditionally loved.
— Sherea A. McKenzie, Executive Director
Joint City-County Commission On Children, Houston
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A resource, the training guide, for families struggling to communicate their feelings, donated to Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults, Childbuilders, ESCAPE Family Resource Center.
This children's book can be used for Child Abuse Prevention, Parenting Books, Self Help Books, Children's Learning Books by Teachers, Educators, Clergy,
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