Love Blog – express love to your children with simple actions and words

I love you – words that seem effortless for some to say are impossible for others. Why is that so? One reason may be that those who are comfortable saying these three words heard them when they were children and those who did not hear them are uncomfortable saying them to their children. The words […]

Anger is a natural human emotion that you should allow yourself to feel. It should be directed at the person you are angry with and not at someone who happens to be nearby. Whether your anger happened today or decades ago, taking out your anger and resentment on your child, is unfair and abusive. Anger […]

Upsetting the normal routine in a child’s life can create havoc. Kids like to wear the samething everyday, eat the samething everday and have the same book read to them everyday. So how do you go about introducing a new item of clothing, food, book or anything new to them? Some children find change harder […]

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