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Children learn quickly the concept of respect, that if you are respectful of yourself and others you will be treated respectfully in return. Self respect lays the ground work for how you treat everyone else in your life. As you interact with other people your child watches and observes -how you talk to someone, the […]

Goals are hopes one strives to achieve. Just as you would teach your child the importance of achieving small accomplishments so should you teach your child to set long term goals and how to attain them. Setting goals teaches a child how to plan for something he hopes to achieve in the furute, how hard […]

A child is a child what ever the age may be. The same need to be loved, valued and appreciated by ones parent remains inside of us throughout our lives. Memories of life as a small child stays vivid in the mind when one remembers how he/she was treated by his parents. A child whose […]

What makes you happy? The answer to that question differs for everyone. We tend to measure our happiness by the pride we have for ourself and our accomplishments. Throughout a persons life there might be many accomplishments but, always there is one or two that stands out among the others. For example, the pride that […]

Managing time is a daily challenge. There is not enough time to do all that you have to do, much less what you want to do. Making time for your family, your work and yourself can cause stressful conflicts. All are important to you and all need your attention. Others can make suggestions as to […]

It is hard to imagine anyone withholding their love from a child. And yet it is done every day – not by parents who are intentionally wanting to hurt their child but, by parents who simply don’t know how to express their love. Even though the love is there, deep inside, it can still be […]

Empathy means showing concern and understanding for another persons feelings. Recognizing your child’s needs and putting aside whatever you are doing to put his/her feelings first is showing empathy. When you empathize with your child who is sick, in pain, tired, hungry or unhappy your concern gives comfort with a common goal to overcome this […]

Childhood is meant to be carefree, fun, secure and safe. A time for children and parents to explore new experiences together, communicate how they feel and express their feelings openly and freely. A time for a child to enjoy learning with each new days adventure. Hearing a parent say “I love you” leaves a lasting […]

People inspire us throughout our lives to reach for higher goals, excel and be the best that we can be. We admire certain people for different reasons – leadership abilities, a great way with people, handling a problem or giving advice – are just a few.  Did you ever think that you may be an […]

It’s time for school to start – are you and your child ready?  Starting school  can cause apprehension and anxiety.  What  “tools” have you given your child to prepare him/her for this new experience?  The term “tools”  probably bring a  notebook and pencil to mind.  Those are tools used in school.  The tools referred to are the words that you […]

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