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If you have ever trained an animal, you would know that positive reinforcement training uses praise to reward an animal for doing something you want them to do. This method of training is also useful for human of all ages, especially children. It is important to focus on positively reinforcing your children to reward them […]

Do you know what type of parent you are? Are you more authoritative with your children, or more democratic? Whether you’re a single mother of 2 or a father of 3, it is important to know what your parenting style is in order to better understand your relationship with your children. -> Parenting Style Quiz […]

Turning Jealousy to Joy

October 11th, 2017

Jealousy is an emotion that can impact any person at any age. It is especially common to find in young children. Jealousy can be caused by lack of self-confidence, lack of attention, and of course feeling less than loved. Whether a friend, sibling, or classmate caused the jealousy to arise, ditching the big green-eyed monster […]

Remember how simple things used to be? Back when building sandcastles and playing hide-and-go-seek was the highlight of the day. Children find joy in the simplest things and are always happy. If there is one thing we shouldn’t grow out of, it’s enjoying and appreciating simplicity. Here are 5 easy ways to find joy in […]

Giving children an answer to questions such as why evil people cause suffering for others, is a question on many of our minds today. The answer is simple – evil people want to make others suffer. But that answer has no comforting power. So how can you, who is as confused as they, find the right […]

The Blue Plate Special

March 21st, 2013

April is the launch of the first Blue Plate Special benefitting The Thread  Alliance in restaurants all around Houston. The purpose of this campaign is to bring child abuse awareness to the forefront with the hope that the cycle of child abuse will end and all children will have a childhood free of abuse.

A child advocate is someone who cares about all children being safe, protected and loved. It is hard to imagine but there are children who are being abused somewhere and bearing the added silent burden of fear if they reveal this terrifying secret. During the month of April, Child Abuse Awareness month, let your voice […]

April is Child Abuse Awareness month and blue is the signifying color. Is blue the chosen color to symbolize the bruises that a child suffers at the hands of an abuser? Or does blue represent the hope a child dreams of that the abuse will end? Help end the cycle of abuse and show support […]

It is hard to believe each time we hear about child abuse occuring, that it has happened again. What comes over someone that they loose control or, even worse, actually plans to abuse a child? Each time we, the public by-standers, are told of yet another child being brutally murdered by an adult – family […]

A child’s innocence and trust makes him/her the most vulnerable among us. A child should never become the target of anothers unhappiness and disappointment with life. For someone who was abused as a child it is understandable that there is anger and sadness. Taking revenge on ones own child for how he/she was mistreated is […]

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