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A child’s innocence and trust makes him/her the most vulnerable among us. A child should never become the target of anothers unhappiness and disappointment with life. For someone who was abused as a child it is understandable that there is anger and sadness. Taking revenge on ones own child for how he/she was mistreated is not the answer. Retaliation on an innocent child only leads to more abuse and no good can come of that. Abuse of any type distroys a persons self esteem and dims ones ability to see a future with hope. Children deserve to have a childhood full of laughter, love and good memories to pass on to the next generation and the next. Reach out to someone who may be too frightened to ask for help. Help someone who may not know there is anyone who cares. Help someone before he/she abuses his child. Help make childhood fun for all children.

3 Responses to “What drives someone to abuse their child?”

  1. Cynthia Fleck

    I have just discovered your website and love your categories and pages…I am 45 and live in Houston…..a year and a half ago, I had a disagreement with my mother during a family vacation—I actually stood up to her and told her she was mean. It hurt me deeply the way she spoke to me the next day and I started to reflect back on my childhood and why I felt the way I did. I grew up with a angry father and a mother with no empathy. Although i wouldnt consider my father an abusive person he struck me several times as a teenager, the last time was at 17 giving me a black eye……my mother didn’t protect me nor did she console me she just told me to go wash my face. Having a 14 year old daughter I could never allow my husband to stike at her—the thought makes me sick… I have researched the internet and have found many things that have helped me to understand why. I believe her to be a narcisstic person, she fits many of the profile characteristics. She found pleaseure in shaming me and still does, to fuel her narcisstic ego….growing up it was all about how things….looked on the outside from the neighbors perspective…horrible horrible things she did, very mean emotionally. After the birth of my second son–which we wanted the sex to be a suprise…I called to tell my mother I had a beautiful healthy baby boy. Before I could get a word out, she said “How is my new baby granddaughter? I cannot wait to hold her….I said mom, I had a perfect baby boy…..long pause, Oh honey….I’m sorry, it will be ok….she obvuiously wanted a girl. As children and even to adult hood we still seek our parents approval….and due to my upbringing, (and I hate to be a blamer type) i feel I have low self esteem and poor boundries….more to the story and sorry to burden you with my issues but I really like your website ad would love to put some of your postngs on my facebook page is there anyway you can enable that featureor would it be something you would want to share?
    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,
    Kind regards,

  2. Sheila Aron


    Thank you for your heartfelt comments about your childhood. With children of your own now, you hold the key to how your children feel about themselves. After experiencing a childhood such as your described I am certain that you are now showing your children the love, respect and acceptance that is so important to all of us. I congratulate you on making their childhood so important and meaningful for them. The love that you will receive in return will be the reward of a job well done.
    Thanks again for your comments. Please let me hear from you again.

  3. kitty

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