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Children, with their amazing ability to notice everything around them, see the world with curiosity and innocence.  They want to know all there is to know as they listen, watch and absorb the endless information that comes their way daily.    It is intriguing to watch a child grasp the concept of how a computer works that  adults still […]

Every child needs the love and approval of their parents whatever their age is.   When a parent withholds showing approval or affection a child learns to live without that very important aspect of their lives, but they never stop needing it.  Those who are denied approval, love and affection as a child, don’t know how to show it to their children and instead […]

A disagreement can be described as a simple difference of opinion or  major  all out arguement.  Whether voices are raised to make a point or quietly talked about over a cup of coffee, the end result is what really matters.  A good disagreement is one that  ends with no hard feelings toward the other with integrities intact.  A successful disagreement […]

Do you play the blame game?

July 28th, 2010

Teaching your children right from wrong is an on-going part of parenting.    Teaching them to take responsibility for their actions is  a challenge and trying to do both at the same time can sometimes lead to playing the blame game.  Getting a child to admit that he/she is  responsible for a problem is a difficult job to tackle and should […]

Are you a good loser?

July 27th, 2010

For many, winning is everything.  Children today are learning that philosophy at a very young age.   Competition does keep you on your toes and winning is a great feeling but, how do you teach your child to handle losing?   There is a lot of excitment at the thought of winning, you might get so close to winning but someone on the team […]

Children let us know what they are feeling just by acting out their emotions – happy, sad, angry, excited, confused, frightened –  the same emotions adults have.    As adults, we cover up our emotions so that no one will know how we are feeling.  For many, sharing their feelings is very hard to do.  It means opening up and showing that […]

Promise?  That simple word means a lot to a child if you say “yes”.   Unless you intend to keep that promise try another approach – one that let’s your child know that there is a possibility that what he/she hopes for might have to wait.  To give false hopes to a child tells him that […]

We, as adults, consider ourselves smarter and more observant than children just because we are the adults.   However, children have a way of observing an object, or a situation from a completely different perspective that often is more objective and totally non judgemental leaving their mind open for new experiences with an insatiable curiosity.     In their innocence, they […]

Being a parent is a very big job  –  it differs greatly from the job that you do for an occupation but both are demanding and require you to give your all.    Much like the job you do for a profession that you must earn your salary,  as a parent you must work for and have to earn the love and trust of […]

It is rare these days to find someone who doesn’t have a cell phone, ipod or some other high tech piece of equipment plugged into their ear.   They want to know the news as it is happening, or answer an email, twitter or facebook immediately.  There is no question that the equipment is fascinating and they allow […]

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