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Are you a good loser?

July 27th, 2010

For many, winning is everything.  Children today are learning that philosophy at a very young age.   Competition does keep you on your toes and winning is a great feeling but, how do you teach your child to handle losing?   There is a lot of excitment at the thought of winning, you might get so close to winning but someone on the team makes a mistake that cost the team the winning point  or the other team is simply better and they win the game – how do you prepare your child for situations like this?   Being a good sport   – whether you win or lose – shows maturity.  Recognizing that sports, just as life, has highs and lows and that disappointments can happen, even under the best conditions.  Teaching your child this lesson perpares him/her how to stand tall and do the right thing – be proud if you win and congratulate the winner if you lose – that makes everyone a winner.   For more info

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