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There is a wealth of knowledge that grandparents and great grandparents bring to their grandchildren and great grandchildren.  The vast number of years between their generations disappear as experiences are shared and a bond forms that draws them close together.  These moments are ones to be cherished, remembered  and passed to the next generation.  We don’t realize how much of ourself comes from those who came before […]

As I sat in a very busy lunch spot today something caught my eye.  Among all the people who were there I noticed a man and his two young boys having lunch.  They were laughing and enjoying themselves – just the three of them.  As they were leaving one of the boys put his hand on his fathers’ […]

Family issues come up all the time that require a solution.  Sometimes  the problems are simple and can be solved with very little fuss.  Then there are the complicated issues, that if not delt with fairly, can create an even bigger problem within the family.  How do you handle situations  such  as these?  Do you make the decision and consider the matter closed or […]

Is your child perfect?

March 24th, 2010

The answer to that question is “of course”.  But do you ever ask yourself if you are a perfect parent?  The answer to that question probably ranges from “could be better” to “not at all” and some may even say “of course”.  Most parents tend to be overly critical of themselves and when it comes to the most difficult […]

Reading to you child each day doesn’t take long and can make a big impact on him/her.  It is a bonding time giving comfort after a long day to both.  A short book, a chapter or two, even the daily comics can become a special time for you and your child to look forward.  The soothing sound of your […]

Learning to ride a bike involves a great deal of concentration –  balancing on two wheels,  pressing  your feet to the foot pedals,  keeping your eye on the road, steering the front wheel to go straight ahead and listening to the cheers of observers.  Before you know it you are flying down the street with the breeze in […]

All children at one time or another need to be disciplined.  Even if the child was just praised minutes before he/she may need to be disciplined for misbehaving.  Parents who were harshly disciplined as children, may face the task of diciplining his own child with difficulty.  The painful memories that come to mind cause the parent to either repeat the same treatment with their […]

Every child is different and unique in their own way.   Their uniqueness makes each one special.  Parents know their children better than anyone and what each one’s very special qualities are.  Give small jobs to them that they can do in a short time.  Make a point to compliment and praise for a job well done.  Hearing praise from you gives children great […]

How do you think your child feels when you have called him/her a hurtful name?  Hearing  labels hurled at him, a child starts to believe them.   Abusive insults chips away at a childs self esteem and makes them think and feel that they are unloved and unwanted.   Make it a point to tell your child daily how very special he/she is.  Let […]

Children are smart and wise beyond their years but, they are not mind readers.   A child is able to feel your love when you hug them and kiss their sweet faces.  In spite of these acts of love they still need to hear the words ‘I love you’.  These three words, that are so simple to say and […]

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