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Learning to ride a bike involves a great deal of concentration –  balancing on two wheels,  pressing  your feet to the foot pedals,  keeping your eye on the road, steering the front wheel to go straight ahead and listening to the cheers of observers.  Before you know it you are flying down the street with the breeze in your face without even thinking about all that is involved with manuvering the bike.  It is second nature to jump on and ride  – that is how saying ‘I love you’ to your children should be – second nature.  What if you missed learning to ride a bike as a child  – could you just get on and ride one as an adult?  Probably not.   For those who missed hearing ‘I love you’ as a child, saying those words to their own children  is almost impossible.   To find out how easy it is to say these three simple, but powerful ,words to yourself first.  Then say them without any sound –  just move your lips.  Then say them softly so that only you can hear them.  Then as you get more comfortable, say them a little louder –  get used to how they sound to your ear.  Finally say them to your child and watch the reaction. Make this a new beginning and keep  saying ‘I love you’ to your children each day – start weaving the thread of love today.  It’s as easy as riding a bike.

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  1. Winnie

    GREAT idea! I think a fun quiz from things wiithn the rules is good! Likely the rule breakers are not up on this website reading anything but, word gets around. I read it was 25-40 riders to – what was it’ 3,300! So people are talking about SJBP shoooot’ I am talking about it. That was my first ride and I have told almost every person I have been in contact with. Back to the point….I think it obvious more volunteers are needed! Maybe before the ride there should be a minimum amount “ a must have” maybe we should get the word out that for the ride to occur we have to have so many birds and really encourage the people to stand up. Like on this home page advertise more for BIRDS a countdown of volunteers needed versus how many there are. Also facebook is such a good source! What about a short article that highlights some of the “major complaints” from the last ride it could be circulated through facebook? Something that will really encourage more volunteers even if it’s just for one ride! Plus downtown san jose’s music in the park is another source! What about getting some people out to recruit BIRDS at music in the park! Yeeeah, right next to the bike rack’ every person who walks in just ask for a minute of their time And reminders? If a log on in required to directions what about submitting a reminder to the registered riders.. it could be from everything to being a BIRD to just being responsible and vocal… Lets remind everyone of SJBP Mission Building community through bicycling.

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