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Do you know what type of parent you are? Are you more authoritative with your children, or more democratic? Whether you’re a single mother of 2 or a father of 3, it is important to know what your parenting style is in order to better understand your relationship with your children. -> Parenting Style Quiz […]

Turning Jealousy to Joy

October 11th, 2017

Jealousy is an emotion that can impact any person at any age. It is especially common to find in young children. Jealousy can be caused by lack of self-confidence, lack of attention, and of course feeling less than loved. Whether a friend, sibling, or classmate caused the jealousy to arise, ditching the big green-eyed monster […]

Remember how simple things used to be? Back when building sandcastles and playing hide-and-go-seek was the highlight of the day. Children find joy in the simplest things and are always happy. If there is one thing we shouldn’t grow out of, it’s enjoying and appreciating simplicity. Here are 5 easy ways to find joy in […]

The act of talking can mean telling someone your thoughts and opinions, listening to their comments, responding with a question, listening, commenting and asking more questions.  The result of conversing is a better understanding of how that person looks at life and interprets it.  Hearing someone else’s way of looking at a situation from a completely different perspective […]

On day three of Love Your Child Month, my tip to parents is to dust off your favorite childhood board game and declare tonight family fun night. Quality time = lifetime of memories…that’s probably how the board game you have in mind became your favorite!

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