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Turning Jealousy to Joy

October 11th, 2017

Jealousy is an emotion that can impact any person at any age. It is especially common to find in young children. Jealousy can be caused by lack of self-confidence, lack of attention, and of course feeling less than loved.

Whether a friend, sibling, or classmate caused the jealousy to arise, ditching the big green-eyed monster is imperative to you or your child’s emotional growth.

Here are 5 ways to redirect feelings of jealousy in children:

1. Turn envy into ambition

If your child is envious of someone else’s talents or achievements, try redirecting their thoughts and feelings in a positive way. Whether they wanted that A on their math exam, or the newest Barbie, encourage and motivate them to create a new set of goals which they can look forward to achieving. Reward your child when they have accomplished their goals!

2. No comparisons – Build their confidence!

Every human is different. People have different talents and passions, so comparing siblings, classmates, or friends to each other could only result in hurting your child’s confidence. Comparison can easily lead to jealousy, which can in turn lead to resentment. Instead, help them understand and acknowledge not only the talents of their siblings, friends, or classmates, but their own as well. Helping your child realize their talents and passions will lead your child to becoming more confident! For more inspiration on self-love and showing affection to your loved ones, read the beautifully illustrated book I’m Glad I’m Me and practice weaving the thread of love in your life!

3. Listen

If you have detected a hint of the green-eyed monster in your child, try having a conversation about it. Talk to your child and find out what actions led to them becoming jealous of someone. Help them realize where their feelings are coming from, and what the feelings are. The first step to overcoming feelings of envy, is admitting it!

4. Tell a tale

If talking about your child’s feelings of jealousy isn’t working for you, try explaining the feeling of jealousy through classic stories. Sometimes seeing a bear or pirate explaining their feelings with colorful pictures might resonate more with your child. Below are a few great children’s books that can help you explaining emotions of jealousy to your child:
The Berenstain Bears And The Green-Eyed Monster
What To Do When It’s Not Fair: A Kid’s Guide To Handling Envy And Jealousy
The Way I Feel

5. Shower your child with love

Love is always the answer. If your child is experiencing feelings of jealousy, it might be a sign that your child feels neglected. Children need all of the love and affection they can get while they are emotionally, physically, and mentally developing. Sometimes parental guidance and a little TLC can do the trick to turn your child’s feelings of jealousy to joy!


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