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Family issues come up all the time that require a solution.  Sometimes  the problems are simple and can be solved with very little fuss.  Then there are the complicated issues, that if not delt with fairly, can create an even bigger problem within the family.  How do you handle situations  such  as these?  Do you make the decision and consider the matter closed or do you ask the other family members for their opinions too?  Parents generally make decisions that affect them and their children lives.  Asking children their thoughts on a problem that needs a solution shows them they are loved and respected and, as a member of this family, their thoughts and feelings matter.  A child will offer a  different point of view that parents might not have considered.  Maybe the problem will be worked out just by having the family discussion.  By including them in the discussion shows children that their opinions are valued.   Feeling part of a family unit is a very powerful feeling for a child.  Letting children share in family decisions is a way to make a loving  connection with your child.  This is one decision you’ll be glad you made.   

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