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Do you play the blame game?

July 28th, 2010

Teaching your children right from wrong is an on-going part of parenting.    Teaching them to take responsibility for their actions is  a challenge and trying to do both at the same time can sometimes lead to playing the blame game.  Getting a child to admit that he/she is  responsible for a problem is a difficult job to tackle and should be dealt with in a low key and calm way.  Laying blame leads to angry denials, resentment and even lying.  To avoid falling into this trap provide your child with the lesson of taking responsibility for his/her own actions, facing the embarressment and moving on.  Taking responsibility  might be humiliating for the moment but, earns the child your  trust and respect.  The only “game” you and your child should play is something fun and enjoyable for both.   For more info

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