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It is rare these days to find someone who doesn’t have a cell phone, ipod or some other high tech piece of equipment plugged into their ear.   They want to know the news as it is happening, or answer an email, twitter or facebook immediately.  There is no question that the equipment is fascinating and they allow us to be connected to people all over the world.  But this desire to be connected to people and places all over the world is also causing us to loose the connections that matter the most – our children.  Childhood is fleeting – don’t let yourself miss this time in your childs life  for something that can wait or is not important to begin with.   Knowing where your priorities are keeps you grounded.  When you find yourself reacting to one of your urgent desires to check your email or text a friend  remember there is someone closer who needs you to give them some of your valuable time – get plugged into your kids.  Why go to the other side of the world when you can get connected right at home.

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