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If you have ever trained an animal, you would know that positive reinforcement training uses praise to reward an animal for doing something you want them to do. This method of training is also useful for human of all ages, especially children.

It is important to focus on positively reinforcing your children to reward them and let them know when they are doing something right. If they never receive praise for doing a good deed, they will be less likely to continue the good behavior. By offering incentives for your child to continue good behavior, you are both nurturing their growth and giving them the option to choose to do good.

On the other hand, it is just as important to let your child know if they are engaging in bad behavior. However, the method in which you communicate bad behavior with your child is imperative. By calmly and collectively explaining why the behavior was wrong, you are essentially re-training their brains and teaching them a valuable lesson. Yelling, shunning, or punishing your child will not help with their growth as they will not understand the reason behind why their behavior has upset you. By reacting negatively to their mistake, you could end up damaging their self-esteem, which would make them more likely to rebel and repeat poor behavior.

Remember, children learn from those who teach. Every negative behavior can be turned into a positive learning experience.



Comment below and share your stories and teaching methods with us! We want to know all of the clever methods that work for you and your family when it comes to positive reinforcement!

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