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Demonstating patience, tolerance and respectfulness is one of the most important lessons that you can teach your child. Our patience is constantly being tested when we have to stand in line at the grocery store or at the bank, wait in heavy traffic, at a doctors office or simply for the ketchup to slide out. […]

A childs happiest moments are when a parent praises him/her for a job well done, an accomplishment, or for just being himself. The best time to tell your child how you feel is the moment you think it and feel it. It is easy to let a moment pass because your mind skips on to […]

It only takes a moment and can make all the difference in your child’s day. Telling your child “I love you” gives him/her a sense of security and wellbeing that will stay with him throughout the day. These simple words carry a deep meaning and are so important for some they even remember the moment, […]

Do you have a short fuse?

October 12th, 2010

Anger is an emotion that we all feel at some time or another. How we deal with this emotion determines whether we have a long fuse or a short fuse. Someone with a long fuse is able to work through his/her anger without making those closest to him uncomfortable or fearful. Someone with a short […]

History repeats itself. If you were raised in a loving home where praise, respect and love was regularly shown, then you will probably give your child the same type of home life that you had. If you were raised in an abusive home than you may raise your child as you were. We imitate what […]

Coping with daily responsibilities of parenting can sometimes be more than one can handle. It might feel as though everything is coming down on you at once. Feeling overwhelmed can turn a simple job into monumental chaos. Before things get out of control and you say or do something that you regret, you must be […]

What is the “thread of love”?

September 29th, 2010

As we go through life those who mean the most to us leave lasting memories of love that we treasure throughout our lives. The “thread of love” they have given to us we then pass on to those we love. This continuous “thread” that is passed from generation to generation is always present in our […]

As a parent you are faced with the everyday task of raising your child with the ultimate goal of preparing him/her to live independently as an adult. Asking your child what type of cereal he would like for breakfast or letting him choose what to wear each day may seem insignificant but, it actually plays […]

When speaking the language of love anytime is the right time. It can be said outloud, whispered quietly or anyway you chose. Saying it is what matters. Telling your child how much you love him/her lets your feelings be known with pleasure and pride. A child remembers important moments in his/her life and hearing the […]

Do you ask your child for help?

September 22nd, 2010

As adults we tend to think that we should know all the answers or be able to figure out how to do something without asking a child for help. Letting your child know that you need his/her help shows that you are vulnerable too. By opening up to your child that you need his advice […]

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