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As a parent you are faced with the everyday task of raising your child with the ultimate goal of preparing him/her to live independently as an adult. Asking your child what type of cereal he would like for breakfast or letting him choose what to wear each day may seem insignificant but, it actually plays a big part in this preperation. If you make every decision for your child he will be incapable of making decisions for himself. Your job is to prepare your child for life as an adult, to be independent, confident making decisions. Instilling confidence in your child involves more than decision making. Showing him/her love, respect and appreciation gives him confidence to face lifes challenges. What the future holds in store for your child is unknown but, knowing that he/she is loved by his parents gives one inner strength to face all that life has in store. When he/she becomes a parent he will instill the same confidence in his child, weaving the thread of love, preparing him/her for life the same way that you prepared him. For more information

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