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A childs happiest moments are when a parent praises him/her for a job well done, an accomplishment, or for just being himself. The best time to tell your child how you feel is the moment you think it and feel it. It is easy to let a moment pass because your mind skips on to other thoughts. Hold on to this thought and share it. keeping feelings to yourself loses an opportunity for you and your child to talk and to know the love you feel for each other. A child thrives on your praise, acceptance and love. Open up and let him/her know how you feel. Telling your child “I love you” makes the moment complete. It is moments like this that bring you and your child closer together with a sense of pride and belonging that lasts a lifetime. When you show your child love, respect and praise you are laying a strong groundwork for future generations to come.

One Response to “Do you tell your child that you are proud of him/her?”

  1. books494

    I think this is really important especially at the preschool age where we have to find a balance between genuine praise and what I call ‘behaviour modification’ praise. I think there is a difference and the child knows it. The exchange through talking no matter how passing or how incomplete works wonders for fixing a memory of ‘love’.
    I hope I can follow this blog, learn and contribute as I am just starting this whole experience

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