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Do you have a short fuse?

October 12th, 2010

Anger is an emotion that we all feel at some time or another. How we deal with this emotion determines whether we have a long fuse or a short fuse. Someone with a long fuse is able to work through his/her anger without making those closest to him uncomfortable or fearful. Someone with a short fuse ignites before giving himself/herself a chance to find out if what he is feeling really is anger or if it is disappointment. When someone has a short fuse that level of rational thinking disappears and an irrational behavior takes over. When someone lets his/her anger get out of control he loses more than his anger. He loses the respect of those closest to him and instills fear. So how does one stop before he/she loses control and has a burst of anger or fit of rage? How does one prepare for unexpected events that might trigger this loss of control? Acknowleging that one has a short fuse is the first obstacle to overcome. Taking responsibiltiy for how you act out your anger is the biggest step and the hardest. Begin by noticing if you have clenched teeth and tension in your neck. If you do, then practice relaxing your teeth, jaw and neck muscles by actually feeling them release and relax. It is impossible to be angry with relaxed jaws and unclenched teeth. Be prepared to recognize when the emotion of anger is apparent. Concentrate and say to yourself “I can control my emotions”. Be in control before anger takes control of you.

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