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It is hard to believe each time we hear about child abuse occuring, that it has happened again. What comes over someone that they loose control or, even worse, actually plans to abuse a child? Each time we, the public by-standers, are told of yet another child being brutally murdered by an adult – family member, acquaintance or stranger – we shake our heads in disbelief, ask why and go on about our normal routine. How can we as caring individuals reach out to someone we know who is being abused. Our reaction is to turn away in disgust because the matter is too horrible to talk about, much less get invovled with someone elses problems. Is it really someone elses problem? Aren’t we all responsible when any child is being abused? We need to ask ourselves how we can help a child or even the perpetrator who might have been abused himself/herself as a child. Find out how you can help stop child abuse. Begin by providing the name of a qualified agnecy in your area where someone can go for help. Don’t look away if a child is in need of help. He/she is not able to stop the abuse alone. Do the right thing – Help prevent child abuse.

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  1. Leo Repine

    This is inspiring. Keep it up, mate!

  2. Paola Risser

    Beautiful can’t wait to see the rest Anel xxx

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