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It’s time for school to start – are you and your child ready?  Starting school  can cause apprehension and anxiety.  What  “tools” have you given your child to prepare him/her for this new experience?  The term “tools”  probably bring a  notebook and pencil to mind.  Those are tools used in school.  The tools referred to are the words that you send him off with that will help him  relax, feel secure and pay attention to what the teacher is saying.  Hearing the words “Enjoy your day and  remember that I love you very much”  will make the difference between being scared and anxious to being confident and ready for all that school holds in store.   Give your child a cheer of loving support each day as he goes off to  school and an equally loving welcome home after.  Now sit back and enjoy listening to the all the events of the day.   For more information

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