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A child is a child what ever the age may be. The same need to be loved, valued and appreciated by ones parent remains inside of us throughout our lives. Memories of life as a small child stays vivid in the mind when one remembers how he/she was treated by his parents. A child whose parent showed love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness grows up knowing that he/she is loved. A child who has lived his life without hearing words of encouragement or love from a parent feels the need for it all of his life. One cannot blame the parent who withheld the love because he/she may not have had love shown to him as a child. The child in all of us needs to be reassured that we are loved. Loving words validate each of us and gives us personal self confidence to tackle lifes challenges as they come along. Show your child the love you feel in your heart what ever age you are or he/she is. It is never too late to say “I love you”. For more information

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