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Managing time is a daily challenge. There is not enough time to do all that you have to do, much less what you want to do. Making time for your family, your work and yourself can cause stressful conflicts. All are important to you and all need your attention. Others can make suggestions as to how you could do more here and less there but, it all comes down to you and what your priorities are. If you slack on your job to give more time to your family, then you might possibly lose your job. If you slack on your family to give more time to your job, then they feel ignored. And if you slack on yourself, than your job and family suffer. The best solution is give your all and do the very best that you can do. Make every moment count at your job – stay focused and productive – show that you are a capable and efficient employee. Take care of yourself – eat nutritiously, exercise regularly, and socialize with friends. Your needs are as important as everyone else’s. And above all else, spend as much time with your child as possible. Tell him/her “I love you” every chance you get and make this valuable time spent together fun and meaningful. For more information

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