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It is hard to imagine anyone withholding their love from a child. And yet it is done every day – not by parents who are intentionally wanting to hurt their child but, by parents who simply don’t know how to express their love. Even though the love is there, deep inside, it can still be hard for a parent to express freely or openly. If love was withheld from them as children then what do they have to use as an example with their children? Finding the words to express love as an adult can seem difficult for those who had love withheld as a child. Fortunately, the language of love can be learned at any age and has the same impact whatever your age. Hearing “I love you” or saying “I love you” has a way of making one feel that life is good and any problem can be overcome. Expressing your love allows two people to communicate their feelings, get past hurdles and move on together. Give your child all the love you feel in your heart. The greatest gift you can give your child is to teach the language of love. For more information

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