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If you were going to evaluate your parenting skills how would you answer these questions? Do you tell your child “I love you” daily? Do you give praise and encouragement? Do you discipline with respect? Do you show kindness and forgiveness? Do you give comfort and support ? Do you listen and hear what your […]

Discipline is the word used to describe what parents try to impart to their child so that he/she will learn to how to control their behavior. Teaching a child discipline can be tedius because you may have to repeat yourself several times, in fact, many times, before he retains the information. Teaching good table manners, […]

Do you hear yourself saying the same thing to your child that your parents said to you, in the same tone of voice? Do your like what you hear? It is only normal to repeat and imitate your parents, afterall, they were your role models. Your children will continue the cycyle by imitating what they […]

Are you a strong parent?

August 16th, 2010

The daily challenges that parents face such as setting rules, disciplining, emotional upheavals and sending a clear message, requires them to show their leadership capabilities. Yes, it is difficult to be strong under trying circumstances but, if you are weak and don’t assert yourself as the parent, your child will take this as a message […]

Parenting comes without a manual. There are lots of books that will answer your questions but, parenting is learn as you go with on the job training and can be stressful for even the best of them. You learn through trial and error what works best for you and your child finding comfort in the […]

Our country is a mixture of cultures, races and religions. How accepting are you of those who have a different color of skin or dress in traditional clothes from their country or speak in a foreign language? Do you look the other way? Avoid helping them if there is a problem? Smile just to show […]

A day in the life of a child is usually filled with high energy activitiy. As soon as they finish or get bored with one activity they move on to another. Their minds and bodies are constantly seeking new challenges and accomplishments. After a busy day a child will have a lot on his/her mind […]

Children begin to experience fear early in life such as being afraid of the dark, shadows, a monster under the bed or in the closet – all very real to a child. As adults we know that there is no reason for them to be frightened yet we must reassure them that they are safe […]

Children have wild imaginations and given the opportunity might change the color of the house to yellow, wear only clothes that are purple, eat cookies for lunch and cake and ice cream for dinner every day. The point being is that children just like to have fun and we adults could learn a lesson or […]

A parents job is to make the right decisions for their children so that no harm will come to them and to teach them to make their own decisions. Over time your child will begin to notice that you are making decisions that they can make for themselves. They want to put their shoes on, […]

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