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Discipline is the word used to describe what parents try to impart to their child so that he/she will learn to how to control their behavior. Teaching a child discipline can be tedius because you may have to repeat yourself several times, in fact, many times, before he retains the information. Teaching good table manners, take small bites, chew with your mouth closed and avoid interrupting when others are talking are some basic behavior learnings. Parents teach their child good behavior to prepare him/her for the time when he goes out in the world on his own. When discipline is done in a respectful and loving way the results will be gratifying for both the parent and the child. Disciplining a child with criticism is insulting, demeaning and destroys his confidence. Disciplining with respect will get his attention faster than tearing him down with hurtful words of criticism. Make teaching fun and discipline sincere and your child may surprise you by taking small bites, chewing with his mouth closed and maybe even holding your chair for you. For more information

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