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If you were going to evaluate your parenting skills how would you answer these questions? Do you tell your child “I love you” daily? Do you give praise and encouragement? Do you discipline with respect? Do you show kindness and forgiveness? Do you give comfort and support ? Do you listen and hear what your child is saying? Do you give hugs and affection? Do you have fun with your kids? Incorporating love, discipline, affection, praise, listening, kindness, forgiveness and fun into being a great parent requires one to be open and flexable for whatever happens in a single moment. Giving your all shows your child how much you care and want the very best for him/her. Take pride in on the spot decisions. If you think you could have done better, own up to it. Be forgiving of yourself. No one is perfect. Give yourself a pat on the back and strive to continue to live up to your own expectations as a parent. The best reward for a parent is to see your child imitate you – it means he really heard you.
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