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Do you hear yourself saying the same thing to your child that your parents said to you, in the same tone of voice? Do your like what you hear? It is only normal to repeat and imitate your parents, afterall, they were your role models. Your children will continue the cycyle by imitating what they have seen and heard at home. If your were raised by loving parents, you will probably parent your child in the same way. If you were raised in an atmosphere of anger and abuse, you will probably parent your child in the same way. As a role model to your child you set the standards for the next generation and those after that. If your parents raised you in an atmosphere of anger and abuse decide now that you are going to stop the cycle of abuse and will parent your child with love and respect. Words of love and encouragement make a big difference in the life of a child. Give your child every reason to want to parent just like you. For more information

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  1. Latina Carrin

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