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Can your child read your mind?

September 20th, 2010

Knowing what someone else is thinking is still unknown territory but, probably one day, somewhere in the future, it will be possible. Until that time we have to say what is on our mind by expressing our thoughts and feelings. A parent is always thinking how to make life better for his/her child, how important he/she is to his life, how very much he is loved. Thinking it is only part of the equation. Just as your are not a mind reader, neither is your child. A parent needs to make his thoughts heard and understood by his child. Children need to know that they are loved, appreciated and valued. They need to hear the words “I love you” from their parents often. For a child, knowing that he/she is loved by his parents instills confidence, security and well being in his/her life. Tell your child the love you think and feel – say the most important words they will ever hear – “I love you”. For more information

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